Zucchipolla Pâté


Funny in the name but delicious to the palate!

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It may has a curious name, but there is no doubt that it delights the palate. This pâté is the result of a homemade production method that the two owners, Anna and Dorella, have developed from experience gained over generations. Always highly attentive in their selection of fine base materials, they aim to enhance the flavours through a careful production method that does not alter the naturalness of the ingredients.

Ingredients: Courgettes, Onion, Olive Oil.

Size: 212 ml


Ideal for indulging your creativity in the kitchen, this sauce is also perfect for preparing inviting finger food recipes or imaginative appetisers.

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These images are a testament to the hours of loving care that we at the Arcimboldo workshop passionately devote to each of our products.
The consumer’s taste and health become our immediate responsibility, and in line with the finest Tuscan tradition, we use top-quality products including fresh vegetables, olive oil and wine vinegar. This allows our company to be the proud bearer of the designation: “Craftsmanship of Excellence”. Our artisan production offers our customers flavours and aromas that derive from our experience of learning how to protect the fruits of our beautiful and bountiful earth from the passage of time with intelligence and devotion.

“Health comes with eating…” and healthy eating is the first step to being well!