Turmeric and Coriander Flavoured Biscuits


Savory temptations for original breaks and aperitifs.

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These fanciful turmeric and coriander flavoured biscuits have a strong yet delicate flavour and lend themselves to be enjoyed plain as an appetising snack or to go with an aperitif. They contain no butter or eggs so are perfect for vegans.

Ingredients: wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil 24%, sea salt, turmeric 1%, coriander 1%.

Weight: 80 g.


For Marcella, Elisabetta, Francesco and Letizia from the third generation of the Pandolfini family of the old Mattei biscuit makers, the responsibility and sense of tradition are fundamental values. Hence in 2001 the Deseo range was created.

If Mattei is tradition, then Deseo is innovation. As Francesco says: “It is the natural evolution of things”.

The Deseo production guidelines are the same as the traditional Antonio Mattei biscuit makers: the fine quality of the base ingredients, the exclusively natural flavours, and traditional baking methods: but with new products and flavours, elegant and modern packaging, and continuous innovation.


They can also be enjoyed in soups and salads. Combine them with aromatic white wines such as Gewurtztraminer, vintage champagne or a young Bolgheri.

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In 1858, Italy was still the “mere geographical expression” that the prominent diplomat Klemens von Metternich had suggested it was thirty years earlier. Tuscany was a Grand Duchy ruled by Leopold II, albeit for a short time, while the Second War of Independence against Austria was about to be waged. Meanwhile, in Prato, at 22 Via Ricasoli, Antonio Mattei had opened his biscuit-making shop, and started to churn out a special dry biscuit with almonds. It was his own recipe, which would go on to become the traditional biscuit of Prato. And so the story of a very strong connection between the Biscuit-Maker and the town of Prato was born, a story which is not that easy to understand if you are not a native of Prato. For more than a century and a half, Sunday would not be a Sunday of celebration without the famous cantuccini biscuits and their blue packages, or without one of the other quality products that we produce and which are now deeply embedded in the Italian gastronomic tradition. This is because the fame of Mattei’s products soon spread beyond the borders of the town and the region: we received a medal of merit at the Italian Exposition in 1861, and a special mention at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867. In addition to Artusi, Prato biscuits have had some illustrious fans: Malaparte, Soffici, Sem Benelli, Hermann Hesse, as well as the presidents Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Bill Clinton. In 1908, the business was passed on to Ernesto Pandolfini, who worked for a while at the biscuit factory and preserved the high quality and creativity of the founder. Ernesto devised and developed new products, such as the Filone Candito (a brioche pastry filled with candied cherries), i Brutti Buoni (meringue biscuits), and il Biscotto della Salute (“The Biscuit of Good Health”, a kind of toasted biscuit). Today, these biscuits are classics, and are almost as carefully regulated in their ingredients and baking method as the Prato Biscuit.

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