Snails Tomato Sauce


This is the typical recipe for cooking both land and sea snails throughout the island.

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Snails Tomato Sauce are a preparation of an excellent tomato and onion sauce, enriched with delicious shelled snails.

Ideal as a sauce for more original pasta dishes.

Ingredients: tomato passata (77%), shelled garden snails (14%), onions, extra virgin olive oil, carrots, sugar, basil, salt, garlic, pepper, chilli.

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We might consider this sauce a mild version of the famous Cippudata onion dish, used as the base for preparing tuna in Sicily, but also sea snails and others.


Pour the contents into a pan, add a little olive oil and bring to the boil over a high heat, stirring regularly. Serve with toasted bread slices and some chopped mint and parsley.

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The Snail-Farming Company La Lumaca Madonita is situated in the territory of Campofelice di Roccella, on an area of around 25,000 square metres at the foot of the marvellous Madonie mountains. Our many years of direct experience in the field has enabled us to create a method of farming that is unique in the world. The system that we use allows snail-farming to take place simultaneously within all the enclosures, which significantly increases the number of specimens per square meter and enables us to bring the snails to attain their optimal characteristics in just 8 months.
The key feature that sets us apart from the rest is in our organic growing of vegetables that are devoted solely to feeding our snails, both within the enclosures and in the open field. The vegetables are grown organically and are reminiscent of flavours and sensory qualities that we were used to in times gone by. Our optimal geographical location, almost at the level of the Tyrrhenian Sea, fosters the ideal microclimate for developing a product of supreme quality!