Prato White Vermouth


A symphony of scents: delicious either as aperitif or as dessert.

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After being crushed under a marble pestle, aromatic herbs and wild herbs are left to soak in a fine-quality Tuscan white wine for the requisite time along with various spices: Elecampane (horse-heal), gentian, galangal, cinnamon, fragrant calamus, cloves, centaureas, Pontic and Roman wormwood, coriander, nutmeg, bitter and sweet cedar and orange peel, dried quince peach peel.
It is then completed with the addition of a little sugar and a very small quantity of alcohol before being left to mature for a few days, and filtered and bottled in flasks or bottles according to long-established traditions.
The Vermouth that is obtained has a slightly amber yellow colour, a sweet taste with just a hint of acidity, and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It has a very intense spicy and fruity aroma with an alcohol content of 15 per cent.

Size: 500 ml.



This white vermouth from the town of Prato harks back to a rural tradition that has long since disappeared: it was produced by farmer’s wives with unripe white grapes and herbs gathered in the fields, and served as an aperitif or digestive during Christmas time.
The unique qualities of the product are not just found in its ingredients, but also in the production procedure and the equipment that is used.
Traditionally, the whole process was undertaken only with the most expert hands and with no mechanical assistance whatsoever, with the result that even today it is done entirely by hand according to a fine old recipe dating back to 1750.


Serve chilled as an aperitif or as a dessert liqueur with biscuits. It can also be enjoyed with chocolate or spiced chocolate or with blue cheeses that are not too strongly flavoured.

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All Alla Gusteria, Osteria de Ciotti and later also Nunquam products (with the advent of vermouths and liqueurs) are the result of a wine and gastronomy project that was launched in 1999. It started with a creative restaurant and wine cellar Alla Gusteria, which was curated and managed by the Chef and Sommelier Fabio Goti, who shook up the then very stagnant food scene in Prato. In fact, right up until 2003 it had been a benchmark even before the gourmet lovers and food amateurs alike from Tuscany started their discerning pursuit for dishes made from high-quality artisan base products that were made from very short working processes but with a clear visual and taste-based emotional impact. From that brief but intense experience, the Alla Gusteria and Osteria dei Ciotti production line was created. Production is completely artisan, so much so that the batches are made with 4-5kg maximum of raw materials at a time. The fruit and vegetables that are used are highly seasonal and are carefully selected, cleaned and cut by hand without any use of machinery whatsoever. As well as the aroma and original colour of the product itself, the short cooking time allows the product to retain its sensory properties. Cooking is done in domestic steel pans and the product is packaged in glass jars, thus bringing delicacies to our tables that evoke a time when kitchens may have been poor but were rich in health and flavours. Vermouth and liqueurs are made at the adjacent works. Nunquam in particular is the only company that produces WHITE PRATO VERMOUTH, a product that had once disappeared from our tables but after 60 years was successfully restored to the market, using the same production methods as the original 1750 recipe.