Oro Taggiasco dei Mandorli “Gran Cru” EVO Oil


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The Oro Taggiasco dei Mandorli Gran Cru EVO Oil has an unmistakable fragrance and unique flavor. Coming from a single plot of around 300 trees surrounded by almond trees producing 1968 bottles of 0.5 liters. Intelligent harvesting when the almonds blossom allows the production of an olive oil with a taste full of almonds.

In the classic wicker bottle, it displays a golden yellow to bright green colour, with a slightly fruity taste and an acidity less than 0.3%.

Size: 500 ml


The Taggiasca olive is a cultivar that is especially typical of the western Ligurian coast and the Province of Imperia in particular.

It is known as such because it was brought to Taggia from Benedictine monks who came from the French island monastery of Lérins. The grafting of Taggiasca olives spread throughout Italy over the centuries, although the most significant cultivation always remained in the province of Imperia. This variety is one of the most famous for producing extra virgin olive oil and one of the best table olives, as it is particularly tasty, despite its small size.

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The Mela family is synonymous with quality. Antonio and his wife Paolo embarked upon this adventure more than 30 years ago. The daughters Serena and Christiana, and Christiana’s husband Alessandro have worked in the company for many years and are carrying on their family tradition with a passion and love for their territory and for its products. They have worked with continuity and innovation, and this is the recipe of the philosophy of the Sant’Agata d’Oneglia oil mill.
The oil mill is located in Sant’Agata, a small and very picturesque village in the hills of Imperia that overlooks the Ligurian Sea. For more than 180 years, our family has produced and grown Taggiasca (Cailletier) olives that are typical of our western region. The olive trees are tended by hand and the harvesting is also done by hand. The small Taggiascan olives are harvested just before the final ripening. On the same day we collect and select the best olives and proceed with the cold pressing, to create a natural and fragrant oil without oxidants. The same procedure is carried out for the food products.
We are part of the Olive Oil Masters Cooperative
Our company has received numerous awards, starting with the famous “Ercole Olivario award in 1996 in the “Light Fruity” category, to the Special Mention certification of honour at the “Leone d’Oro” in 2010 and 2010, 1st place for Oro Giallo di Bologna packaging in 2007 and recognition in 2004-2007 by the Los Angeles Country Fair Olive Oil of the World, the Oscar of olive oil.