Organic Tumminia Busiate Pasta

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A food that in addition to satisfying the health satisfies even the gluttony!

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The Organic Tumminia Busiate Pasta of Molini del Ponte are handmade with organic whole wheat flour of Tumminia.

It all starts with the careful selection of wheats. Only the best grains arrive in the mill, where takes place a purity processing, it might say a pure processing of every single grain. Then move on to the grinding with natural stone and bronze drawing.

Important Sicilian ancient grain characterized by a low gluten index, the tumminia also contains so-called lignans, which help us to maintain a healthy heart and strengthen the immune system also against the development of tumors.

Weight: 500 g.


The tumminia is a wheat in late sowing and a short cycle, has a low yield, of about 0.98 long ton (2204 Lb) per cultivated hectare, common feature of all the wheats of ancient tradition; A dark color wheat, which ground with millstones produces wholemeal flour rich in elements of its wheat germ and bran, with high protein and low gluten index and is used in the preparation of Black Bread of Castelvetrano, Slow Food.

The ancient grains are wheat grown before the so-called Green Revolution, when the crops were made with non-genetically modified seed.

These are grains that have not undergone the dwarfing with gamma rays and that reach up to 2.2 meters high with a low value of gluten.

In recent years, thanks to the return to the consumption of ancient wheats, it is observing how these foods is not modified and minimally processed also help prevent the spread of allergies that affect the digestive system (such as celiac disease).


Ideal to serve with the fish, but also with gravies or sauces according to your imagination.
The typical recipe calls that are served with the “Pesto alla Trapanese”.

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The story of the Mills Bridge Castelvetrano (Trapani) and the Drago family is confused with the history of Castelvetrano; they are, in fact, now four generations dealing with undiminished passion, to ensure that the town is not denied Belicina flour. In the early 1900s the ambitious project of Francis Paul and some of his brothers, was to provide the country with a mill, and more precisely, the best technology of the time: a modern system. Here then Francesco Paolo, the grandson and namesake of the founder of the family Drago, in the mid-70s acquired two mills in stone, so that, besides the modern production could place alongside the traditional one. This creates a structure that is unique not only in Sicily but also throughout the peninsula: a mill where close to the modern system space is a traditional production of flour ground with natural stone. The rabbigliatura, then as now, is done by hand by the millers themselves working at the mill.