Organic Rosemary Sprigs


Its scent will make you remember the places of the Mediterranean!

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Cultivation is strictly organic. The picking, processing and packaging is done by hand in line with traditional methods, ensuring the maximum quality and authenticity.

Unmistakeable for its fragrance and authenticity, the rosemary is sold in bunches packaged in sealed bags, in order to preserve its unique characteristics that remain unchanged over time until it is broken up.

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Rosemary belong to the Lamiaceae family and its scientific name is Rosmarinus officinalis.

It is a perennial shrub with a bushy appearance. The leaves are small, a little coriaceous, with a lovely dark green colour.

Rosemary has been recognised for its healing properties since ancient times: it is a stomachic, stimulant, aperitif, digestive, tonic-stimulant, and antiseptic.


Used for flavouring meats, fish, focaccia, aromatic oils and vinegars and soups (an essential ingredient for the famous fagioli all’uccelletto, beans in tomato sauce).
How to prepare the infusion of rosemary: boil a liter of water, turn off the heat and pour in 20 g of dried leaves let it stand about ten minutes. Then strain and drink.

Info Producer

The GANDOLFO FILIPPONE farm business is based at 1,000 metres of altitude, in the wild setting of the Madonie Park in the heart of Sicily. The high mountain climate, clean air, and the quality of the land and water make this area the perfect place for cultivating the products that are the symbol of the agricultural excellence in Sicily. In the Filippone family, the passion for agriculture has been handed down from father to son, creating a business that at first mainly produced cereals, fodder and grain legumes. For a few years now, however, it has been innovating and expanding its production with the rediscovery of the most distinctive Mediterranean herbs such as bay leaves, sage, rosemary, thyme, fennel, lavender and oregano in particular. Oregano still grows wild on the Madonia mountains and contains the essence of the most authentic Sicily in its intense aroma. It is as authentic as the company that grows it, that every day reaffirms the value of environmentally-friendly farming methods in harmony with the roots of true rural tradition. For this reason, our products are certified as organic and are protected by the panierenatura mark of quality of the Madonie Park.