Boiled Snails


Dietetics, digestible and do not forget that they are also good!

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The flagship product in the snail preserves line: shelled snails, carefully washed and ready to form the basis of any dish, from the most simple to the most complex.

Size: 580 ml


The snail is an invertebrate belonging to the phylum of the mollusks. They have strips on the their foot and use the shell as a defence from adverse weather conditions and from external dangers. It is not really a family of gastropods, but simply comes from the common name given to this type of invertebrate. Below are listed some of the species known under this name.

Snail meat is very high in protein (13.4%), low in fat (1.7%) and contains a rich variety of mineral salts (calcium and iron). The amino acids that form the base of the meat are heavily present and contribute to a proper and healthy diet. This food could be considered a good dietary dish: it is light and easily digestible. A dozen snails provide just 80 calories. Thanks to these properties, snails are recommended for malfunctions in blood sugar levels and cholesterol.


Take a saucepan and paid to him an abundant oil, red chilli and a clove of finely chopped garlic (or whole), wait a few minutes and then pour the contents of the jar and bring them to a boil will be ready to be consumed.
Try to flavour them with a fresh mushroom soup… they will amaze you!

Info Producer

The Snail-Farming Company La Lumaca Madonita is situated in the territory of Campofelice di Roccella, on an area of around 25,000 square metres at the foot of the marvellous Madonie mountains. Our many years of direct experience in the field has enabled us to create a method of farming that is unique in the world. The system that we use allows snail-farming to take place simultaneously within all the enclosures, which significantly increases the number of specimens per square meter and enables us to bring the snails to attain their optimal characteristics in just 8 months.
The key feature that sets us apart from the rest is in our organic growing of vegetables that are devoted solely to feeding our snails, both within the enclosures and in the open field. The vegetables are grown organically and are reminiscent of flavours and sensory qualities that we were used to in times gone by. Our optimal geographical location, almost at the level of the Tyrrhenian Sea, fosters the ideal microclimate for developing a product of supreme quality!