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iTaste has developed in line with its philosophy of an e-commerce portal where primarily offer of food and wine of excellence, produced in small quantities and who call “terroir” because of their close link with the territory of origin and traditions who accompanied him throughout the centuries.

iTaste, then combines the exceptional and strictly artisan products, some products from the most popular brand, selecting, of course, among these, the ones that best reflect our concept.

iTaste complete his offer finally offering a line of designer products in both food and wine that the lifestyle, searching for you the real works distinguished by their uniqueness and eco-environmental sustainability.


With a space dedicated to all industry operators, iTaste is more than happy to work with you in providing you some unique products and not only related to our philosophy. Please contact us with your inquiries to which we will devote all our attention.

 Taste Informations

A thematic area dedicated to the culture of taste linked to the Food & Hospitality. blog open to anyone curious where to find recipes, tips on places to visit, restaurants not to be missed, unique dishes to taste, unmatched street food, wineries and artisans who will host you in their resort …. and much more.


If you have had a look at our philosophy you have definitely sensed that-taste has as its primary objective to create culture and to enjoy all the pleasures of the “table” in this regard we point out or organize the event in collaboration with our partners to share experiences, emotions and traditions with all the veterans and newcomers enthusiasts.

So keep your eyes on the infood area or subscribe to our newsletter to be always informed. And do not forget that we are available to accept requests to organize themed events in collaboration with you.



We will be happy to provide our expertise, whether you are professionals or enthusiasts, with a 360 ° service to extend our philosophy to your esigenze..se are interested or to learn more please contact us.