I have to register to place an order?

You can purchase without registration

How can I pay items purchased?

You can conveniently pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. to learn more, visit the dedicated page: Payment Methods.

This site is secure, and how to protect my privacy?

iTastestore.com addition to adhere Italian Association of Electronic Commerce “I’m Safe”, has made a commitment to protect your personal information thanks to data encryption (SSL). Your data will be kept and they will never be seen by third parties. for more info visit the dedicated page: Privacy.

Can I delete my order?

You can cancel an order by sending an email to returns@itastestore.com indicating the order number before 8.00 am (Italian time) on the day following the date of payment. For more info, visit the dedicated page: Returns and Complaints.

The goods (one or more items) is damaged, what should I do?

No problem follow the instructions you’ll find the page dedicated Returns and Complaints and in a few simple steps will solve the problem.

How do I reset the password?

Simple just open the “popup” login (top right), click “Request New Password”, enter your email and click send in a few minutes you will receive a new password.

How can I get information about a product in the shop?

Simple! Write to infoprod@itastestore.com
Of course do not forget to write the name or the item number!

Who can I contact if I have technical problems on the site?

Write to customerservice@itastestore.com and in addition to being grateful for your feedback will solve the problem as soon as possible.