iTaste Manifesto

I-TASTE is short for Italian Taste, a concept that is synonymous with excellence and quality throughout the world. The distinctive features that best represent us Italians is our expertise, along with our ability to recognise and enhance anything that is of value and that has an interesting story to tell. This is why we wish to share our passion for Italian products and products from all over the world, that respect the values of authenticity, traceability, transparency, territory and tradition.

Italian taste is a taste for Italian products, but also taste in selecting products from other countries worldwide. Through a constant and careful attention to excellence, we seek to convey the values, the passion, the places, the customs, and the culture that make every single product unique, because within the manifold layers of cultures and the flavours of different land and seas, there is a richness that goes beyond the trends of fashion.

The philosophy of gastronauta is a summary of our route that has led us to create I-Taste. Because we believe in food as nourishment, culture and above all as a vehicle of knowledge, in an exchange where tradition and innovation, indigenous and exotic give life to the new.